FAQ - Swim Lesson

Q: How much are lessons?
A: Prices vary depending on what facility you swim at. Currently at the Fremont Indoor Facility group swim lessons are roughly $19/$20 per lesson with a $25 annual registration fee. At the Dublin indoor facility, group swim lessons are about $20/$22 per class with a $30 annual registration fee.

Q: How old do you have to be to take lessons?
A: We welcome swimmers of four years young or older who have been potty trained for our regular youth program and for swimmers that are 2.5 years old and up, Pre-Bubbler. Currently for toddlers 6 months or older, we are taking interest list information for our Aqua-Baby/Aqua-Tot programs.

Q: Are there any sibling discounts?
A: For each additional swimmer registering with Calphin each session, there is a $10 sibling/parent discount.

Q: What if I miss a class?
A: If you are going to miss a class, please be sure to let us know in advance (email or telephone). For missed classes, there are NO MAKE-UP Classes. We do, however, offer Self Practice Tickets or Club Credit with a doctors note (for severe illnesses- check-up appointments do not apply).

Q: What is Self Practice (tickets/session)?
A: If you miss a class, you are offered a Self Practice ticket which is good for one hour in the pool. There is no instructor on duty during the Self Practice hour, but there will be lifeguard(s) to ensure safety. This is a time for the swimmers to review and practice what they learned or were taught. If your child is at the Glider 2 level or below, they must have a parent in the water with them. The current hours for self-practice are Wednesday 8pm-9pm and Sunday 12n-1pm. Classes can be made up through self-practice only during the session in which you miss a class.

Q: What if I know I will miss three or more lessons for summer vacation and etc?
A: During the SUMMER SESSION ONLY, we have a special credit policy. If your swimmer(s) is going to miss three or more consecutive classes (less than 50% of the session) due to planned vacation, we can offer credit as long as you give a minimum 2 weeks advance notice. The credit will be applicable to the immediately following (Fall) session (unless you specify otherwise).

What do YOU (the customer) have to do to receive and use the credit?
1. Notify CALPHIN either (a) on the registration form when you register or (b) by emailing two weeks before the first missed class
2. Receive a verification credit email from CALPHIN with the dollar amount of credit after the first missed class
3. Print out and bring in the credit email with your Fall registration form (in August/September 2011) to have your tuition adjusted (prorating you the credit you received during Summer)

What does CALPHIN have to do to get your credit to you?
1. Receive your notification of the planned missed classes (either by email or on your registration form)
2. Send you a credit email after the first missed class of your planned vacation

Any missed classes that are not consecutive or number less than three will be accommodated through Self-Practice Tickets. Self-Practice will be offered Wednesday 8-9pm and Sunday 12-1pm every week. You must have a self practice ticket for any missed class in order to get into the Self-Practice free of charge.

Q: Do you offer private lessons?
A: Yes we do.  Calphin Aquatic Club staff offers private and semi-private lessons for individuals all ages (child/adult) and swimming levels.  Participant will be matched with an instructor to accomplish individually set goals.  Whether you are national level competitive swimmer, cross-training or learning to swim, the pool offers something for everyone.  Must fill out a Private Swim Lesson Application at the front desk, or download the form to request the lessons. Private lessons are not guaranteed with submitted request forms. You have the choice of one hour or half hour lessons for a package of six classes.  Or there is a one time lesson with Coach Xiaohong Wang at a special cost, by appointment only and subject to her availability.  Private lessons may be available during business hours at Fremont indoor facility, based on instructor availability. Call the pool at 510-790-SWIM(7946) for more info.

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