FAQ - Swim Team & Meet

Calphin does not offer swim team program. Occasionally, we may organize a small internal meet for our swimmers just to experience the competition in a swim meet. We encourage our swimmers to participant in local swim meets put together by their local communities. One example is the annual swim meet organized by NCCAF (Northern California Chinese Athletics Federation).

For youth swimmers with talents in water who want to promote their sportsmanship, develop their talents in swimming or further their swimming career, we would recommend them to join a local swim team. In the bay area, swim teams are typically classified into three common categories: high school swim team, summer swim league, USA Swimming year-round team.

  • High School Team offers seasonal competitive training programs and swim meets for students in high schools. High school swim team programs are fun to join because swimmers can swim and compete with their class or school mates. The swimmers are usually divided into Varsity and Junior Varsity groups, depending on their ages and swim times. Swim practice times usually run from Feburary to May, depending on school district. Top-notch swimmers from high school swim teams may get extra credits contributing to their college admission or financial aid when they apply for colleges. American High Swim Team, for example, is a high school swim team based in Fremont, CA.
  • Summer Swim League offers seasonal competitive training programs and swim meets for all the local youth swimmers. Summer league teams are relatively fun and recreational. Swim practice times usally run from April to July, depending the league regulations. Many high school team swimmers also join and participate in a summer league swim team after their high school swim season. EBSL (East Bay Swim League), for example, is a summer league with around twelve swim teams based in the East Bay covering Fremont, Union City, Newark, Hayward, San Leandro and Castro Valley areas.
  • USA Swimming Year-round Team offers professional competitive training programs and swim meets for all the local youth swimmers sanctioned under the local USA Swimming charter. USA Swimming teams are the most serious team program among three categories. Swim practice times and commitments are year-round. Conventionally, a USA Swimming swimmer is restricted from participating in a summer swim meet. Advanced swimmers may be qualified to participate in various high levels of swim meets including Junior Olympic, Far Westerns, Sectional, US Open and Olympic Trial. PASA, for example, is a USA Swimming team based in Palo Alto, which belongs to the Pacific Swimming charter in the west section under USA Swimming.



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