Registration & Refund Policy

Swim Lesson Registration

Credits and Refunds
The registration minimum is 4 students for all levels of swim lessons (2 for Bubbler /30min lesson). The Calphin Aquatic Club will make every effort to combine or reschedule classes with low enrollment. Please be aware that your class may be cancelled if enrollment is low and in that case a credit or refund will be issued. Also note the following policies concerning any changes to a class:

Special Club Credit Policy for Our SUMMER Swim Programs ONLY:
During the SUMMER SESSION ONLY, we have a special credit policy. If your swimmer(s) is going to miss three or more consecutive due to planned vacation, we can offer credit as long as you give a minimum 2 weeks advance notice with a copy of your travel documentation. The credit will be applicable to the immediately following (Fall) session (unless you specify otherwise).

What do YOU (the customer) have to do to receive and use the credit?

  1. Notify CALPHIN either (a) on the registration form when you register or (b) by emailing two weeks before the first missed class and provide the necessary travel documentation
  2. Receive a verification credit email from CALPHIN with the dollar amount of credit after the first missed class
  3. Print out and bring in the credit email with your next session's registration (whichever session you decide to come back; club credit never expires) to have your tuition adjusted (prorating you the credit you received during Summer)

What does CALPHIN have to do to get your credit to you?

  1. Receive your notification of the planned missed classes and documentation (either by email or on your registration form.
  2. Send you a credit email after the first missed class of your planned vacation

Any missed classes that are not consecutive or number less than three will be accommodated through Self-Practice Tickets. Self-Practice will be offered Monday, Wednesday 8-9pm and Sunday 12-1pm every week. You must have notified the front desk for any missed class prior to the start of class on missed day in order to get into the Self-Practice free of charge. Otherwise, there is a $4 charge.

Enrollment Hotline

(510) 790-SWIM (7946)
Main Office:
Monday - Friday:
9:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday - Sunday:
8:00am - 7:00pm

34075 Fremont Blvd
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