Swim Program Policy

Group Lessons

Tips For Parents
Relax and watch.  When confronted with fearful situations, children tend to collapse emotionally in the presence of their parents.  As difficult as it is to accept, in stressful situations, children generally fare better when parents are not available as a crutch.  We are experienced in calming distressed children and you can confidently leave your child in our hands and exit to our glassed observation area.  You may need to move entirely out of the line of sight, as even eye contact can trigger an emotional collapse.
No parents on deck.  While you are welcome to escort your child on deck for the first lesson only, please give him/her a quick hug and kiss and let them know you’ll be watching them so “have fun and listen to your teacher”.
Please respect our teaching levels.  In our competitive American culture, the impulse to push a child is powerful.  Please resist the seduction of “fast-tracking”.  Don’t get caught up in which level your child is in.  With small ratios of students to instructors, our classes can accommodate small differences.  Years of experience with thousands of children has taught us that the potentially negative learning attitudes caused by “pressures to learn” as a child, don’t manifest themselves until later on.  By the time your child is in Jr. High School, he/she will either “love to learn” or will be “anxious about learning”, displaying an “I can’t” attitude or an apathetic “I don’t care” attitude.  So be wise in these early years, especially before 2nd grade, please allow your child to learn in a relaxed atmosphere.

Lesson Policies:
The following policies and procedures are in place so we can provide a quality environment that is clean, safe and pleasant for all program participants.

Sanitation Policy
Fecal contamination in or around a pool poses a serious health risk to all using the facility. When an accident occurs, the Health Department requires that we close our pool in the event of bodily fluid contamination. We are forced to shut down operations for an extended period of time to properly clean and sanitize our facility. We are trying to reduce the spread of disease and inconvenience to swimmers whose lessons are cancelled. For the health and safety of our swimmers and instructors, please follow the following guidelines:

Self Practice
Due to NO makeup class, we offer Self Practice time for swimmers who missed their class, so they can practice what they have learned by themselves. No swim instructors will be available during this practice time, but a lifeguard will be on duty. It is open to all current registered swimmers who miss a lesson. Each swimmer may receive up to 2 free tickets for a missed class in each session at front desk, and $4.00 for other registered swimmers who want to practice their swimming skills by themselves. All swimmers who are in Intermediate I class or lower must swim with an adult. Beginner I or lower leveled swimmers are restricted to the Small Training pool only. We charge $4.00 for each adult to accompany any swimmer in the water. We only allow 50 swimmers in each Self Practice time (12 for the Small Pool, 38 for the Large pool), on a first come, first serve basis.
Hours for Self Practice:

Credits and Refunds
The registration minimum is 4 students for all levels of swim lessons (2 for Bubbler /30min lesson). The Calphin Aquatic Club will make every effort to combine or reschedule classes with low enrollment. Please be aware that your class may be cancelled if enrollment is low and in that case a credit or refund will be issued. Also note the following policies concerning any changes to a class:

Once enrolled, your child has a reserved class time. Make sure you have booked your child in a class that fits your schedule. Please understand that the instructor is there to teach your child, even if you do not come to class. In the event a class needs to be cancelled due to pool conditions, mechanics, or unforeseen circumstances, we will make every effort to contact you prior to your class time.  In order to help us, please make sure to follow the guidelines stated below:

We strive to maintain instructor consistency for our students. There are, however, occasions when instructors may have extended leave of absences, resign, have conflicting school schedules or other personal situations that create the need to replace the instructor. Often these situations are beyond our control. We will do everything possible to make a smooth transition for your child.

Private Lessons
A 1-on-1 Private or 1-on-2 Semi-Private lesson is only available at an instructor’s discretion.  Most of our instructors offering private lesson time are teaching group lessons or otherwise committed for most of their working days. Hence when scheduling a private lesson, you must be prepared to be flexible when deciding the specific time(s) and day(s) that the lesson will be held.  Also due to this fact, we cannot guarantee specific instructors will be available for private instruction at any given time, however we usually are able to accommodate a preference for a specifically gendered instructor. Once a private lesson session has been confirmed and paid for, we have a strict rescheduling policy for any missed lessons. If any lesson is not rescheduled a minimum of 24hr in advance, we have to charge for the missed lesson. This is due to the fact that we have to pay for our committed resources including the coach who is committed for the lesson.

Special Club Credit Policy for Our Summer Swim Programs Only:
If you want to enroll in our summer swim programs and you know (or can reasonably anticipate) at the time of enrollment that you will miss any swim lessons, we will offer you club credit (equal to the amount that was paid) valid for the fall program of the same year only (immediately following the summer session for which the credit is issued). However you and your swimmer must meet at least one of the following conditions in order to be eligible for the credit:

  1. You will miss 3 to 5 consecutive lessons per session. If you miss 1~2, then the self practice tickets will be offered as usual, in lieu of credit. If you miss six lessons (50+%) or more per session, you should not enroll that session.
  2. Swim lessons missed due to a vacation.
  3. Swim lessons missed due to a monthly biological cycle(period), for female swimmers only.
  4. Swim lessons missed due to an illness, with a doctor’s memo signed by your physician.

To redeem your credits, you must provide paperwork legitimizing this condition to our staff. First, you must email us to, notifying us of your lesson starting date and the number of the swim lessons that will be missed before the session starts or with sufficiently advanced notice prior to the missed lesson. Secondly, you must ask our staff to provide you a verification email of the lesson dates you actually miss after fact. Third, you must submit hardcopies of the above two emails and any other paper-trail at the time of your fall enrollment in order to redeem your credits.


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