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~~~ Upcoming 2016 Summer Programs PRE-REGISTER NOW! ~~~

Fremont Indoor - INTENSIVE PROGRAM - Swim Classes

                              Children at summer break can take four lessons a week and learn quicker.
                              The summer will be broken into three sessions with three weeks per session.
                              You can enroll in one, two or three sessions depending on your summer vacation plan. 

                              INTENSIVE Sessions in Summer:    Monday thru Thursday, 9am-12n, 2pm-5pm
                               Session #1: June 13 to June30  
                               Session #2: July 5 to July 21   
                               Session #3: July 25 to Aug 11  

Fremont Indoor - PACED PROGRAM - Swim Classes

                              June 13 - September 4 (12 weeks)  (once or more than once a week of your choice)
                              Note: Follow the above link for the schedule and enrollment details.

                              Youth Swim Class:   
                              Mon & Wed: 5pm - 8pm,   Tues, Thu: 5pm-9pm , Fri: 9am-12noon, 3pm-9pm
                              Sat: 9am - 12n,    1pm - 7pm
                              Sun: 8am - 12n,    1pm - 7pm

                              Adult Swim Class:   
                              Tues, Thu & Fri: 8pm;
                              Sat: 8am;
                              Sun: 8am,   5pm & 7pm

2016 Summer Swim Programs PRE-REGISTER NOW!

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