Baby-n-Me (Aqua-Baby) Class

Babies from birth to nine months adjust easily to water environments. If children are introduced to the water when they get older, it is more likely that they are to object to the unfamiliar sensations and experience fear. The main reason for an infant to take swim lessons would be for water safety training.

In Calphin's Aqua-Baby class, babies are taught self-saving skills if they accidentally fell in the water. Swimming and floating are motor skills that babies can acquire with repetitive practice and positive encouragement. Calphin requires a parent to be in the water alongside the babies and tots. As a parent, you know your child best; they are most comfortable with you and in turn respond better to you. Since your baby is still at the developmental stage, basic body movement, coordination, and also listening skills are also incorporated into our Aqua-baby curriculum to help your baby grow.

Aqua-Baby classes are offered only during Happy Hour lesson times. Please click

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