Swim for Fitness

Calphin swim classes at the Glider (Intermediate) level or higher are also great for fitness and wellness while learning or perfecting swim skills, because they are all one hour long and on top of that each lesson has certain yardage to fulfill.

- Multi-Classes Per Week

Calphin group swim classes are structured in a very flexible and paced manner, which means you can sign up and take the swim lesson once a week, twice or three-times a week on different weekdays according to your daily schedule and fitness needs. Feedback from our swimmers or parents demonstrate signaficant improvements on the health and immune systems against seasonal sickness such as colds if you swim consistently and year-round including winter season. Please call or click Registration to sign up today!

- Home School PE Credits (Health Hours)

For home schooled students, swimming is an excellent choice of exercise for their health and growing body developmental needs, because swimming is a full-body excersie requiring limbs and body coordination. Taking swim classes one or twice a week, a home school student not only can learn some life-time safety and fun-enabling skills, but also can improve their body strength and fitness, while socializing with other kids, earning the PE credits or health hours required to graduate. Calphin swim classes are suitable for students at all ages and of all levels, 7 days a week including speciail daytime hours on Tue and Thu great for home school students. Smart brain relies on a strong body to succeed in tomorrow's competitive world. Order fitness and health for your kids now. Please call or click Registration to sign up today!

- Pre-team Adaptive Training

Pre-team Adaptive Training is for youth swimmers between 5 to 15 at Sprinter (Advanced) or higher level, who are considering to join a swim team. Before making up a long term commitment to a serious team where swimmmers need to practice 3+ times a week with 1~2 hr for each practice, you should consider an adaptive training with Calphin to see if the swimmer can stand with the training and if parents can live with the long-term pickup/dropoff commitments. You can start your adaptive training simply by signing up and taking our group swim class twice a week.

The coach-swimmers ratio in our swim class is less than 1:14 with eight or less swimmer in a lane, in comparison with 1:25 (up to 1:40) plus ten some swimmers sharing one lane in a swim team environment. Similar to team swimmers, our swim class will provide plenty of opportunities within one hour to enhance swimmers' stroke improvements, strength, endurance and speed. More importantly, your swimmers will receive more instructions to improve and refine their strokes before they build up a poor habit to swim with incorrect stroke forms. Please call or click Registration to sign up today!


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