Off-season Stroke Clinic

Seasonal swimmers are swimmers who swim and compete frequently in certain seasons or months of a calendar year. High school team, summer league and other recreational team swimmers are seasonal. High school teams typically train and meet during their season between Feb and May, while the teams affiliated with our local popular summer recreational swim league EBSL (East Bay Swim League) practice and compete during the league season between April and July.

In order to win or achieve the best times and score for your in-season competitions, it is critical for a seasonal swimmer to practice with a decent amount of swimming to keep up the feel, the endurance, the learned skills and the muscle memory.

Calphin Aquatic Club serves as a great off-season or pre-season swim platform for seasonal swimmers. Our year-round quality competitive swim classes are great swim clinics which address and meet the above needs of seasonal swimmers. Seasonal swimmer participants will not only keep up their athletic condition, but also refine their skills and improve their strokes during off-season. Our off-season swim classes will better prepare the swimmers to bring out their best at their in-season meets.

Racer, Challenger, Master and Elite are the top four swim class levels offered at Calphin that fit these seasonal swimmers well. Seasonal swimmers can flexiblly choose to take one of these clinic classes either once or twice a week. These stroke clinic classes all run one hour long. The coaches of these clinics are all seasoned and professional coaches including our famous head coach.

Why start from scratch every season? Maintaining even 50% of the training during off-season will make it twice as easy to pick up the training in the new season. Keep up your good swim condition and start from a higher level next season. Don't let your body hibernate like a polar bear? Call 510-790-7946 today to enroll!

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