Private & Semi-private Lessons

Private lessons refers to 1-on-1 swim lessons. They are great for children who need special sole attention or for swimmers who want special clinic to improve their swim strokes, certain skills and/or swim efficiency. Semi-private lessons are special order from a customer (or a group of customers) for one instructor/coach to teach a small group of swimmers with 2~4 swimmers.

We offers private and semi-private lessons for swimmers of all ages and levels. Participants will be matched with an instructor to accomplish individually set goals. Whether you are national level competitive swimmer, cross-training or learning to swim, the club can offer suitable private lessons or clinics for everyone.

Each private (or semi-private) lesson can run either 30 or 60 minutes long. Private (or semi-private0 lessons are ordered in a minimum unit of six lessons by appinment at mutually agreed dates and start time, with an available coach either requested or assigned. Different coaches may cost differnt depending on the experience and expertise in coaching.

The cost of a 1-on-1 private lesson can run from $60 to $120 per 1hr lesson. The cost for a semi-private lesson is usually the cost of a private lesson for the same coach plus $10 for each additional swimmer per 1hr lesson.

Orders for private (semi-private) lessons must go through the club. Ordering directly with coaches or instructors are not permitted. If you are interested in private (semi-private) lessons, please visit Swim Program Registration to get more details, to download and fill out a form. Then call us so that we can match you with a coach, and set up appointment lesson dates and times.

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