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The most reputable swim programs of our club are our Learn-to-Swim programs, also known as swim lessons. We offer swim lessons to swimmers from babies to adults. The youth group lessons are our best-selling swim program. Swim lessons are among the best gifts you can give to your children and to yourselves.

We believe swimming is a life-long, survival skill, which one can best learn from a professional instructor in a safe, fun and comfortable environment. Our learn-to-swim system is uniquely distilled from over 20 years of swimming, training, competition and coaching experiences of our world champion founder, to ensure swimmers learn the right and professional way to swim, step-by-step, from the very beginning.

Swimming is a skill requiring coordination of your body and limbs. It is better to start learning in youth. Our most popular swim classes are group lessons for youths from 4 to 17. Classes with different ratios and duration are carefully designed and grouped together by swimmers' Calphin swim levels to ensure safety, quality and progress. Most of our swim lessons are one hour long which provides swimmers with ample time for instrucitons as well as on-the-class practices. Only the entry level (aka Bubbler) classes last for 30 minutes in a small setting with an instructor-swimmers ratio at 1:4.

Our advanced classes are also very popular for improving strokes and keeping the feel among summer swimmers during their off season times. For youth swimmers with talents in water who want to pursue their competitive swim career, we would recommend them to join a local swim team.

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