Youth Swim Lesson

While kids love to play in water, parents consider swimming as a must-learn life skill for children safety. Some high schools or even colleges requires a student knows how to swim to graduate. In fact, swimming can bring a lot more benefits to children than just safety and it's better to start learning to swim when you are young.

Based on our experience, we found out the youngest age to learn real swimming skill is from four years old in a heated pool, when most children can start to quite effectively follow our swim instructions and coordinate their young, developing limbs and bodies. An indoor pool heated over 82-88°F is ideal for youths to learn to swim. In the bay area, an outdoor pool heated over 80F can also help a 5yo swimmer to focus and follow swim instructions for 30~60 minutes.

Learn-to-swim in a group setting works out great for most youths. Because It's more fun, more relaxed, more encouraging for swimmers, while it is easier for instructors to demonstrate and help all swimmers understand what need to be learned and practiced. We offer group swim lessons for youths from 4-17. Classes with different ratios and duration are carefully designed and grouped by the following swim levels to ensure safety, quality and progress.

We break professional swim skills into small foundamental skill elements which can be understand and learn by children step-by-step. The focus of our instructors is to help swimmers improve their swim skills and make progress. But from times to times, our instructors will carefully incorproate these elmentary swim skills into some games, so that young swimmers can learn while playing these games and having funs.

We teach our swimmers freestyle first, followed by backstroke. Then we will encourage and help them swim 25~50 yards non-stop just to get a solid command on breathing and the two strokes, before we will start teaching them to breaststroke, so to avoid confusion.

Unlike most of the traditional swim schools, we also provide advanced swim lessons (similiar to stroke clinic) to improve swimming strokes, endurance and speed. The advanced swim lessons are welcomed by summer league swimmers during their off-season time. They are welcomed by parents because these lessons not only improve stroke and keep up the feel in water, but also give their kids a decent periodic one-hour intensive exercise, instead of playing video games, watching TV, or doing some other things not as healthy all day long.

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- Fremont Indoor - Group Swim Lesson

                   Paced Program (Pre-Bubbler, Youth, Teen, & Adult):
                   Regular swim program that is offered year-round. Available once or more per week. Elite clinics are                    included for graduates and off-season team swimmers

                   Happy Hour Swim Lessons (Aqua-Baby, Aqua-Tot, Pre-Bubbler, Youth, & Adult):
                   Morning & early afternoon swim lessons at discounted price. Available once or more per week.
                   Happy Hour Swim Lessons will only be offered in Fall, Winter, & Spring sessions.

                   Little Star Swim Program - Created and designed by Head Coach:
                   Twice a week, for selected swimmers to receive special lessons and training.

                   Fastrack Program- Get Ready for Competitive Swimming:
                   Twice a week, for selected swimmers to receive special lessons and training.


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